Loveretto Adult Game

Loveretto is an online adult board game for adventurous couples, groups, and swingers. Guaranteed to steam up your love life!

Get the Most from Loveretto


Sexy Online Board Game Loveretto can be played online, wherever you are. There's no need to download anything; just head to choose the number of players, and you're on your way to a sexy evening.

Although working online, Loveretto uses modern technology to send server requests that only update the necessary bits of the screen - no time-consuming full-screen refreshes. So, for playability, it's pretty much like having an application on your desktop, without any of the messy downloading, installing, etc. Most of the time you'll find the responses fairly instantaneous. Occasionally, you might have to wait for a second or two. If you find yourself waiting 10+ seconds for something to happen, you may have had a connection issue. No problem, just refresh the screen and carry on - Loveretto saves your game identifier and your exact game state, so you can just continue from where you left off.

Although Loveretto has been designed to automatically resize for a variety of screen layouts and resolutions, it's best played on a large screen (to make it easy to see) in landscape mode (that's the way the board is designed).


Loveretto has been extensively tested and works well with anywhere from two to six people. Built-in game mechanics ensure that nobody gets left behind, buys too many properties, etc. However, there are some settings that you might want to change, depending on the number of players involved and their level of intimacy.