Loveretto Adult Game

Loveretto is an online adult board game for adventurous couples, groups, and swingers. Guaranteed to steam up your love life!

Rules for Loveretto

The game is somewhat responsive for different screen sizes, tablets, etc. However, it's best played in landscape mode on a large screen.

Starting the Game

To start the game, just click one of the buttons on the home page for the number of players taking part - 2 to 6 players. The game screen will appear with an overview of how to get started.

Loveretto - General Settings Click the GENERAL button to specify the overall game options

  • Starting Money - Start money varies between $3,600 (2-player) and $1,200 (6-player). The reason for the variation is too set the total game money to a similar amount at the start of the game. For example, you would expect each player in a 2-player game to use more money, buying more properties at the start, than you would each individual player in a 6-player game.If, for example, you want to slow down the acquisition of properties, you can reduce this value. The game has a built-in balance to stop players buying too many properties before other players get a chance.

  • Bank Money - This is the minimum amount of money that a player receives when passing the Start/Finish Bank square. Additional income is received if the player actually lands on the Bank. This will double the income, or possibly more if the player has the least income of all players.

  • Time Multiplier for Activities - With some exceptions, most activities are set to last for 20-60 seconds. With playing time, preparing for activities, etc. this means an average game (60 actions) will last for 2-3 hours. One way of varying the game time is to varying the duration of activities - Halved, Normal, Doubled, or Tripled.

  • Minimum Actions Between Levels - If you play the full game there are five levels - 0 to 4 inclusive. The program will automatically move from one level to the next when 12 actions are complete AND appropriate clothing has been removed (all Level 1 Clothing before moving to level 1, etc - See Clothing, below). However, if you want to vary the length of the game, you can do so by modifying the number of actions: Short Game - 8 actions, Long Game - 16 actions, or Very Long Game - 20 actions.

  • Maximum Level - This is the maximum level that players want to take within the game. The descriptions are reasonably accurate. For example, if the players want to take it as far as touching, oral, etc. but not intercourse, then choose '3 - Foreplay & Oral Sex' as the top level. If you restrict the top level, you may also want to modify the Minimum Actions Between Levels and/or the Time Multipler for Activities in order to balance the overall game time.

  • Game Sounds - This just turns game sounds on (default) or off. These are rolling dice, counter moves, bank, etc.

  • Remove Clothing Levels - As described, there are five activity levels. The first four of these (Levels 0 to 3) correspond to levels of clothing. By default, when a player lands on an owned square, they will remove clothing appropriate to the current level. You can use this setting to change that. For example, if you're playing all levels but don't want players to remove their lower undergarments, set this value to '2'. Or, if you're playing fewer levels but still want people to get naked at the last level, you can set this to a higher value.

Loveretto - Player Settings Click the PLAYERS button to enter player details

These settings should be self-evident, such as name, gender, current money (you can come here to change this during the game if you make a mistake), etc. The game will automatically adjust player interactions based on Orientation. So, in the example given, Alice (Straight) can interact with Brian, David, and Fred. While, Carol (Bi-Sexual) can interact with Brian, David, Fred, and Emma (also bi-sexual).

Once you have entered player details, click Save Player Details before adding clothing/activity options

Then, for each player, enter the clothing/activity options

Loveretto - Player Clothing/Activities Check all clothing worn by each player at the start of the game. The game will not proceed to Action Level 1 until all Clothing Level 0 items have been removed from all players, and so on.

In the last column, modify the types of activity where the player is willing to participate. The program will not display any activities where either of the participants has said that they're unwilling. Of course, unchecking items here will reduce the variety of actions available.

Loveretto - Toys Available The game uses various toys, food, household items, etc. Check every item that you have, or where you have an appropriate substitute. The more of these that you tick, the more varied the game activities.

Loveretto - Alias Terms Finally, if you wish to change some of the common terms used throughout the game, just add them to the Aliases screen.

Playing the Game

When you're ready to play the game click the 'Start Game' or 'Return to Game' button.

Loveretto - Adult Game Board The board is made up of 18 property squares, each more expensive (to buy and to visit) as you progress around the board. There is also the Start/Finish Bank, two Resort squares (random income or expenditure) and a Threesome square (opposite corner to the Bank). This latter just acts as a Resort square in a 2-player game or if the player landing on the square doesn't have 2+ players they interact with.

Playing the game is a simple matter of rolling the dice. Your current player's counter will move around the board and a message will display, depending on what type of square the player lands on. For the Bank, landing on a player's property that you don't interact with, or a Resort square, it's simply a matter of passing play to the next player.

Loveretto - Purchase Property

If you land on an available property AND can afford to purchase it AND haven't already purchased more properties than the player with the least properties, you'll be given the chance to purchase it.

Generally, purchasing properties is a good idea. It increases the chance of another player landing on you to either pay you money or carry out an action. Ideally, you should try for a range of property values (to help win the game) and types (to increase your fun). You will see that each property lists the different types of action that any player landing on the property will be asked to perform. The action types are General, Exhibitionism, Movies, Photography, Food, Drink, Toy, Fetish, Stripper, Massage, and Truth. Although there is some crossover, these should not be confused with the activity types that you set for each player.

One strategy is to Pass on properties until you get the chance to purchase the ones you want. Other players will be blocked from purchasing too many properties until you get the chance to catch up. However, assuming there are other players that you don't interact with, this can become costly - you're landing on other players and paying money more often than they're likely to land on your fewer properties.

Loveretto - Remove Clothes

If you land on a property owned by a player that you interact with, the game will immediately check to see whether you're wearing any clothing that should be removed at the current level. If so, it will ask the owner of the property to remove the clothing.

In the example on the right, Fred has just made it past the Start/Finish Bank, so collected $100, and immediately landed on a property owned by Alice. We're at Activity Level 0 and Fred has shoes on, so Alice gets to remove them.

Loveretto - Remove Clothes

At this stage, the game will search the database for a compatible activity. Something appropriate for the current game level, that doesn't require toys that are not available, and that is an acceptable activity for both the current player and the property owner.

There are about 500 different activities in the database, plus variations for different genders, player numbers, etc. The system marks which activities have already come up, and will only recycle them if the specific activity repeatedly crops up. So, in a normal-length game, you shouldn't see any activities repeated.

At this stage, the current player gets the opportunity to decline the activity and instead pay Alice an amount of money, set at however much the player has or half the property purchase price, whichever is the higher. The exception to this is if the player has little or no money, in which case the only option will be to 'Go For It'.

If the current player (in this case Fred) accepts the activity, the property owner will be given the same option. The difference here is that any money paid - to decline the activity - goes to the Bank, instead of Fred.

Loveretto - Threesome

The other type of interaction is the Threesome Resort square. If a player lands on this and can interact with 2+ other players, the game will pick other players at random and suggest an activity. In this case, any of the three people involved can decline - it's a game of Chicken! - or they can all agree to participate. We're at Game Level 0, so this activity is easy.

Ending the Game

The game officially ends when the after the Minimum Actions Between Levels has been completed at the Maximum Level. So, for example, if you have Minimum Actions Between Levels set to 'Normal' (12 actions per level) and you have the default Maximum Level of 'Everything', then the game will end after 60 activties have been completed - declined activities don't count.

At this stage, the game will calculate assets. This is half the purchase cost of property plus cash in hand for each player. The results will be shown and the winner declared.

Nothing within the normal game play (Levels 0 to 4) is currently designed to bring any players to orgasm. The suggested prize for the winner is that all players that can interact with the winner should bring their evening to a climactic ending! Of course, it's just a suggestion - you can choose what the winner should receive before starting the game.

The other option, if you're having fun, is that you can simply continue playing at your highest chosen level.